Christiana Kelman Christiana Kelman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over thirty years of experience. Chris has a private practice (Live Yourself, LLC) serving adults, children, couples and families. Her office is located in Littleton. Her degrees in Social Work were obtained from Colorado State University and Arizona State University. Chris has been an Adjunct Professor of Social Work at University of Denver and an Assistant Professor at Metro State University Denver.

I work with individuals interested in understanding and repairing or enhancing relationships with themselves, their children, spouses/partners, and family members (including blended and multi-generational). Areas of expertise include Depression, Anxiety, Parenting and Children's issues, Childhood Abuse and Neglect, Alcohol and Drug dependency, Eating Disorders, Life Transitions, Gender Identity, Grief and Loss, Alzheimer's and Chronic Medical conditions.

My primary treatment orientations are Interpersonal and Jungian. Much of what I do is listen - from different perspectives and at different "levels" to hear both what is said and what is not said and to explore incongruences or gaps. Together we create a framework, based on your situation and orientation, to consider the work to be done. It is a fascinating process to follow our feelings to a deeper understanding of our patterns and behaviors. Our work might include looking at past history, guided imagery, dream work, mindfulness exercises, and possibly looking at spirituality and/or meaning, depending on the individual, couple or family.

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I help multi-generational families make sense of past experiences/memories and to find ways to resolve old wounds and consider how they would like to go forward into their future adult relationships with each other. Many families experience a distancing of members after major transitions. Our work provides family members a safe place to broach topics that have become taboo in a caring and safe manner that allows for honesty and trust.

I also provide professional clinical supervision for licensure and beyond and have extensive experience teaching, training and supervising Social Workers and Licensed Counselors.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

-Albert Einstein